Pune News : Voter Registration Drive Begins from Blue Ridge Society in Hinjawadi

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Pune, 22 July : In a bid to foster civic participation and awareness of voting rights, Chief Electoral Officer of the state, Shrikant Deshpande, called upon members of housing societies to step forward and ensure 100 percent voter registration.

The appeal was made during the launch of the ‘Griha Nirman (Housing) Society Voter Registration Campaign,’ an initiative by the District Election Administration aimed at achieving full voter registration in housing societies across Pune District.

The event took place at the Blue Ridge Housing Society in Hinjewadi, and various dignitaries, including Collector Dr. Rajesh Deshmukh and Deputy District Election Officer Meenal Kalaskar, were present on the occasion.

Chief Electoral Officer Deshpande emphasized the crucial role of voters in times of adversity or transition in the country. He stressed that democracy thrives on inclusiveness and voter participation in the democratic process.

To achieve this, it is essential to have accurate electoral rolls. Surprisingly, despite the future of the country lying in the hands of the youth, only 13 percent of young voters are currently registered. Chief Electoral Officer Deshpande urged citizens to check their names in the electoral roll using the Election Commission’s app and website. He also encouraged them to participate in the special revision program, which will continue until August 21.

The Chief Electoral Officer called upon polling station level officers to diligently work during holidays to ensure the success of the campaign. He urged housing society members to support their efforts, as they play a critical role in the election process, making Pune district a guiding example for the entire state and country.

Reflecting on India’s democratic journey since the first election in 1952, Deshpande expressed that citizens have collectively made the election process a success despite early doubts about the survival of the democratic system. He announced an upcoming television series highlighting the success and evolution of the democratic process in the country.

Collector Dr. Rajesh Deshmukh emphasized the Election Commission of India’s vital role in strengthening Indian democracy. The Commission has been actively implementing reforms, leveraging modern technology to conduct elections transparently, preparing comprehensive voter lists, and making the voting process more convenient for citizens.

With a significant number of youth voters still unregistered in Pune district, Dr. Deshmukh called upon educated citizens to take the lead in the electoral process and encourage voter registration. He applauded the administration’s commendable efforts in launching the voter registration campaign in housing societies.

The Secretary of the organization, Mr. Pandurang Patil, praised the administration’s initiative for voter registration.

Mr. Rajendra Kachare, who introduced the program, expressed gratitude to the Blue Ridge Society for their strong support in the voter registration drive and urged all citizens to register.

Chief Electoral Officer Deshpande officially commenced the campaign by distributing photo voter ID cards and accepting voter registration applications. The initiative aims to cover 1,168 housing societies across the district, promoting widespread civic engagement and democratic participation.