Pune : Residents of Mohammadwadi Undri Express Concerns About Accident-Prone Road, Urge Authorities for Urgent Repairs

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The residents of Mohammadwadi and Undri often find themselves in a state of distress due to the deplorable condition of the road on the stretch between Nyati Estate and Nyati Eternity society. This road has been plagued by potholes, absence of street lights, and a myriad of other issues for an extended period, prompting genuine worry among the locals. 

Suniel Iyer, a resident of Nyati Chesterfield, Mohammed Wadi, voiced his concern, stating, “The road behind Nyati Estate leading up to Country Club is perilous to travel or even walk on. Potholes riddle the surface, and the absence of street lights exacerbates the situation. This dire state has persisted for far too long. A couple even suffered an accident on this treacherous road. This unacceptable situation has endured for years.”

Sunil Koloti, who resides in Nyati Windchimes, Undri, added, “The road, though initially cemented, now bears a multitude of cracks, resulting in the formation of hazardous potholes. The glaring absence of street lights also breeds security concerns, rendering the area pitch dark after sundown. Incidents of robbery have occurred due to this lack of illumination. Regrettably, law enforcement seems to neglect this road, leaving us, the ordinary citizens, to endure the consequences.”

Recently, a couple riding a two-wheeler on this road fell victim to a severe accident, with one of them requiring five stitches on the forehead. Presently, both individuals are receiving treatment at Platinum Hospital in Mohammed Wadi. 

Deepa Cheema, Co-Founder of the Nyati County Residents Forum in Mohammed Wadi, emphasized the necessity for comprehensive improvements. She asserted, “The entire stretch demands concrete solutions for its betterment. Adequate and proper lighting, including street lights, is imperative. Potholes have marred this road for years without resolution.”

Sandeep Ranaware, the Executive Engineer at the PMC Road Department, addressed the ongoing efforts, stating, “We maintain regular concretizing and road repair activities. We have plans to initiate repairs for the road behind Nyati Estate in the near future.”

Harish Shroff, Head of Sales and Marketing at the Nyati Group, assured residents, saying, “In the interest of the Nyati County residents, we take the responsibility for rectifying the area of concern at our own expense. Our support has always been unwavering. However, all stakeholders in the vicinity must equally contribute to the road’s maintenance. We are prepared to repair the 50 feet by 50 feet section.”

Yogesh Shewale, an RMC contractor, pledged his commitment to addressing the issue and averting further accidents. He affirmed, “I will personally inspect the location with my site engineers and extend every possible effort to prevent accidents.”

Vishal Kale, another RMC contractor in the area, assured that stringent measures would be implemented to transport the RMC material safely.

Shreyas Vange