Pune : Young Volunteers Of Yusuf Foundation fixes potholes at Yerwada

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By: Pune Pulse

August 22, 2023

Pune: Pune is known for its educational institutes and Information technology hubs. A lot of people travel daily for work purposes but face the issues of potholes on roads which causes inconvenience and hazards for motorists, pedestrians, and the overall infrastructure. Thus, on August 20, the Yusuf Foundation filled potholes at Yerwada and Sanjay Park area near the airport road with a cold asphalt mix.

Javed Shaikh, a Civil Engineer and President of the Yusuf Foundation has taken the initiative of filling potholes as a road safety measure and emphasizes that investing in road maintenance and innovative solutions can save lives and also contribute to the overall well-being and prosperity of communities.

Shaikh added, ”On August 20, we filled potholes at Yerwada and Sanjay Park area near the Airport Road with cold asphalt mix. With the combination of these effective pothole repair techniques and environmentally friendly materials, this initiative can contribute to reducing carbon emissions and creating a more sustainable urban environment. Maintaining the potholes on time may save the life of a person.”

The Yusuf Foundation (NGO) aims to shed light on the broader implications of road maintenance for public safety and the well-being of communities in Pune. The NGO is not only repairing potholes but also paving the way for safer roads, innovative solutions, and community engagement.

Potholes are now a global concern caused by a combination of traffic, weather conditions, and inadequate maintenance. According to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway, over 9300 deaths occur due to potholes all over India from 2015 up until now. As a result, the foundation has taken the initiative to repair the potholes.

Madhupriya Dhanwate