Schools in Maharashtra may reopen from November 23

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Varsha Gaikwad, school education minister for the state of Maharashtra on Friday, November 7, 2020 said that a proposal to reopen schools which have been shut since March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic has been sent to the state government urging them to reopen. The proposal sent by the Maharashtra government is in respect with reopening school for Class IX to XII. 

In a meeting held by chief minister of Maharashtra Uddhav Thackeray today, he stressed that the second wave of Covid19 might hit post Diwali, schools should take enough precautions. Also, schools where Covid centers were operational cannot be closed. So alternate arrangements should be made.

She further said that the education department had sent the proposal reopening for Class 9 to 12 from November 23, 2020. The proposal also stated that the examinations for the Class X and XII must be held in the month of May 2021, instead of February / March. The proposal for holding examinations in May is in view making it simple for the children to attend the classes before they appear for the examinations. This year the students were not able to attend physical classes too. Also, the students mainly from the rural areas will not be able to attend their examinations in monsoon between June – August. 

Varsha Gaikwad said, “The teachers would have to undergo RT-PCR coronavirus tests between November 17 and 22. Schools will reopen on November 23 and all students will have to undergo thermal screening at the entry point.” 

Following are the points which were probably discussed : 

One student on one bench only 

Classes will be held every alternate day

Subjects like Science, Maths and English will be taught while rest of the subjects shall be taught online.

Written consent of parents is a must to send children to school /college 

Online classes shall continue 

Children who are sick should not be sent to schools

Or even if a family member is sick these children must not attend school

Sanitisation is a must in schools