Pune: Homemakers & teachers volunteer in election duty in Dhayari

Pune: Homemakers & teachers volunteer in election duty in Dhayari

Pune: Homemakers & teachers volunteer in election duty in Dhayari ( Representational image )

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As Baramati constituency elections were held in various parts of Khadakwasla and Dhayari, efficient management could be seen throughout. Along with government-appointed volunteers and heads, many women from the area were also given the opportunity to assist in the election process. 

The women were further instructed on their job roles and responsibilities as voting representatives. Cross-verifying the differences between the voter list they were given and the one received from the government was the primary task. Additionally, verifying the facial features was another crucial step in the verification process. They received financial compensation for their services as well.

Manjusha Sagare, a homemaker from Dhayari, was one such representative appointed at the Narayanrao Sanas School at Dhayari Phata.  She exclusively told Pune Pulse that she was approached by Rupali Chakankar via her social group, ‘Krantijyot Pratishthan’ created for women and promoting women-run small businesses, etc. Rupali Chakankar, a well-known politician from the Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) is the head of the State Women Commission and was also recently elected as the president of the Woman Wing of the NCP.

Shilpa Yadav, an active volunteer of Krantijyot Pratishthan allotted many women to election duty, after legitimate Identity verification. Tea, breakfast, and lunch were provided along with sufficient drinking water. Sagare believed that the process was fair as the opening of Ballot machines, VVPATs, collecting, packing, and sealing of votes to an assigned vehicle in the evening were all done in front of them to ensure credibility. 

Another volunteer, Vaishali Kharche, a school teacher and resident of Dhayari, shared her experience with Pune Pulse. “As we know, Baramati voting turnout was the lowest, and I did not see many young voters coming to vote. In comparison, senior citizens were more actively present for voting. I feel the young crowd should have been more participatory and vigilant towards this. Election representatives were working so hard and voters didn’t do the bare minimum, which was simply coming and casting their vote. But, at the same time, it was inspiring to witness a few disabled individuals come and vote, they’re an inspiration to all of us.” 

Anjali Loharkar, a homemaker from Dhayari was appointed by another social group associated with a political party, but for a different reason. She was present at a booth in Dhayari assisting the coming voters in obtaining their voting slips. She expressed that there was a lower voting turnout, around 55%, according to their gathered responses. They were paid a specified amount for volunteering (per day basis) and provided with breakfast, lunch, and drinking water facilities.