Special drive by Pune RTO to monitor overcharging to travellers by private bus operators

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During the special drive conducted by the Pune RTO to monitor the overcharging of travellers by private operators during Diwali, significant issues such as the violation of road safety regulations, which is a major cause of accidents, came to light. 

Out of the 360 buses inspected, a total of 125 were issued e-challans for various offenses. This time, we introduced a WhatsApp number for reporting, and the response received was satisfactory.

As per the information provided, until now, 32 complaints that were submitted and have taken action against two buses for overcharging passengers. The remaining fines that were issued were in relation to different offenses. A grand total of 14 buses were penalized for either lacking a fire extinguisher or having a non-functional one.

The bus operators have been repeatedly instructed to adhere to the basic traffic regulations, which are essential for ensuring safety. The violations of these regulations are particularly concerning during festival times when there is a high influx of passengers. The bus associations had promised to ensure compliance among their members, but unfortunately, this has not been the case.

As stated by an official, 22 buses were found to be using dazzling lights, which posed a risk to other commuters on the road. The bright lights could potentially blind drivers of other vehicles, leading to accidents. Additionally, buses had faults in their reflectors and taillamps, while other buses were overloaded with goods and seven were operating without the necessary permit, according to another RTO official.

Pune RTO Sanjiv Bhor emphasized the regular communication they have with private bus operators. “Prior to Diwali, we held a meeting with all major associations where we provided them with comprehensive guidance.

It is crucial for transporters to strictly adhere to traffic regulations in order to prevent accidents,” he stated. Rajan Junavane, the president of the Pune District Bus and Car Owners’ Association, mentioned that established transport companies are following the regulations diligently. However, some transporters with smaller fleets disregard these rules in pursuit of higher profits.