Train delay troubles commuters

Pune Pulse Train delay troubles commuters

Train delay troubles commuters

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November 14, 2023

Pune: Despite the railways running additional Diwali and Chhath special trains, numerous railway commuters faced delays in reaching their intended destinations for Diwali or Chhath.

Several residents, who possessed reserved train tickets to Ratlam, encountered difficulties in returning home as the compartment doors were locked by other passengers. This unfortunate situation led to inconvenience and frustration for those affected, especially considering the expenses incurred in obtaining a Tatkal ticket, which amounted to approximately Rs 1,200.

As per the information received, many had a reserved berth, but despite their efforts, couldn’t board the train as passengers had locked the compartment doors. Commuters have blamed the mismanagement by Indian railways for this chaos, and sources have revealed that the special festive trains were creating pressure on the regular trains, leading to delays.

Several individuals were waiting at Pune station for the delayed Pune-Danapur special train as early as 6 am.

Passengers at the station expressed their frustration. No resolution was provided and an official at the station had informed him that the train coaches were faulty.

As per the information received, people entered the train through the windows at Pune station because of desperation to travel.

Passengers emphasized that if the railways were offering special trains, they should also ensure proper management.