Ustad Rashid Khan – Hariharan duet leaves audience astonished at 14th SwaraZankar fest

The 14th SwaraZankar festival concluded with a wonderful duet by Ustad Rashid Khan and Hariharan. The jugalbandi was presented for the first time in Pune, which made the crowd ask for more.

The finale programme at 14th SwaraZankar festival organized by Violin Academy concluded with Padma Bhushan Vocalist Ustad Rashid Khan and Padma Shri Hariharan performing a duet for the first time in Pune.

The duo started with Raag Mishr Khamaj in which they played ‘Bali umar ladkheya ab na chodo na saiya’ in Keherwa Taal. They then played Bandish ‘Sundar Balma Man Bhaave’ of Ustad Ghulam Khan in adha Teen Taal followed by a Thumri ‘Yaad ki piya ki aaye’. They then performed ‘Aaoge jab tum o sajana’ and concluded with ‘Tu hi re’ in Classical and light music. They were accompanied by Ajay Joglekar (Samvadini), Sanjay Das (Guitar), Murad Ali Khan (Sarangi), Ojas Adhiya (Tabla), Atul Raninga (Keyboard), Krishna Bongane, Arman Khan and Nagesh Adgavkar (Tanpura).

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