Wakad Society Residents Troubled with Frequent Traffic And Parking Issues Near Phoenix Mall

Pune Pulse Wakad Society Residents Troubled with Frequent Traffic And Parking Issues Near Phoenix Mall

Pune Pulse Wakad Society Residents Troubled with Frequent Traffic And Parking Issues Near Phoenix Mall

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Residents of Western Avenue Society & other societies in Wakad are in distress due to pathetic traffic & parking situation near a lot of residential societies nearby Phoenix Mall.

Nalin Porwal, Resident of Western Avenue Society, Wakad, said “There is a very pathetic situation of traffic near our Western Avenue Society as frequently a lot of vehicles keep commuting from all directions, majorly towards Mall of Millennium (Phoenix Mall). Traffic bottlenecks & congestions are created due to this. Due to a lot of people wanting to avoid parking fees of mall, they even park their vehicles inside our society. Because of this, our society people cannot exit or enter the society easily. Massive traffic flow keeps travelling on the service road & to the nearby petrol pump as well. Also, rash driving & not following traffic rules has become very common. Traffic Police helps us by confiscating the vehicles time to time, however that is not much effective as the number of vehicles commuting from here is too much. Hence, there must be a lot of other concrete steps to resolve this issue once and for all.”

Vaibhav Narkhede, Resident of Western Avenue Society, Wakad, said “The situation of traffic chaos & parking is becoming bad to worse day by day. A lot of people simply keep entering here through various directions. The nearby petrol pump to the service road is also filled with a lot of vehicles. People also park their vehicles in front of a very nearby shop, causing serious menace of entering & exiting the society. Traffic Police officers are also not present, neither towards petrol pump nor here.”

Dattatray Deshmukh, Chairman, Pimpri Chinchwad Housing Societies Federation, said “We have got a request from Western Avenue & a lot of other nearby societies regarding the traffic problems created. Firstly, why is this mall built over here if traffic & parking issues persisting due to this? The mall people also do not pay attention to these consequences which other people have to face. A meeting was fixed with Phoenix Mall management regarding the issue. However, we haven’t got any response from the management people regarding the meeting yet. Still, we are in talks with the mall management & soon, concrete steps will be discussed regarding this.”

Varun Premdas, Resident of Western Avenue Society, Wakad, said “Usually on working days, we can say that the traffic situation is manageable. But on the weekends, looking at the entire traffic problems here, it feels like we are living in a village. People tend to simply drive in whichever way they feel is right as a single lane road is also used as two lane or three lane road. The road from the petrol pump to a school becomes L shaped which becomes full of traffic without anyone paying attention towards managing it. Also, a lot of people park their vehicles inside the society premises due to which it becomes very difficult for residents to move in & out easily. Ours is a very big society with around 3 to 3.5 thousand residents. Hence, if any emergency case happens, it will become a big headache to enter or exit the society. Thus, the relevant authorities must look into this & resolve these issues for good immediately.”

Vishal Khandelwal, Resident of Western Avenue Society, Wakad, said “On weekends, between 4 pm to 10 pm, the traffic situation gets worse over here with a lot of vehicles coming here. Commuters, especially going to Phoenix Mall, park their vehicles in the society premises. There is not traffic management over here. Hence, frequently, the society people have to manage the traffic coming towards our side. Since 2 weeks, this situation has worsened a lot with traffic influx becoming huge. Hence, 8 to 10 people of Phoenix Mall must come & manage the traffic & commuters coming to the mall. Also, if 2 wheelers parked at roadside are removed, then a lot of issue will get resolved only due to it.”

Vitthal Kubade, ACP, Pimpri Chinchwad Traffic Police, said “Due to a lot of complaints from that area, we have instructed Phoenix Mall management to manage traffic coming to their mall so that other people should not fac problems & inconvenience. I am going to visit the area tomorrow (11th September) to have a detailed overview & to take concrete steps towards resolving the traffic issue once & for all.”

Shreyas Vange