Pune : Kirkatwadi, Khadakwasla residents raise concern over scarcity of water supply

Pune Pulse Pune : Kirkatwadi, Khadakwasla residents raise concern over scarcity of water supply
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PUNE : Even during the rainy season, societies in the Khadakwasla, Kirkatwadi, and Nandoshi – Sanas Nagar areas are compelled to purchase water from tankers, despite the nearby presence of the Khadakwasla dam, which supplies water to Pune city.

As per the information provided, the citizens are frustrated with the civic body, as they are forced to spend money on water despite already high paying taxes. However, the civic body has only been working on the Detailed Project Report (DPR) for several months with no conclusion over the issue.

As per the information received, large societies exist in Khadakwasla and Kirkatwadi, each housing hundreds of flats. While some of these societies have been provided with water connections by the former gram panchayats, there are still some societies that have yet to receive water connections.

Due to the significant disparity between the number of residents and the water supply, many housing societies have resorted to purchasing water from tankers even during the monsoon season. The residents had hoped that the situation would improve after these villages became part of the municipality. However, even after two years of joining the municipality, the citizens continue to face inconvenience and financial burdens.

While talking to Pune Pulse, Narendra Hagawane, Kirkatwadi Development Forum, expressed his concerns, stating, “We receive water at very low pressure. The Pune Municipal Corporation has employed new staff members who are unfamiliar with water pressure control. We only receive one hour of water supply each day, from 6 am to 7 am.”

Supadu Nhavkar, a resident of the Urban Gram Society, added, “We receive water supply at extremely low pressure. The PMC provides us with water for only two hours each day. To meet our water demands, we rely on our society’s borewell. Since April, we have been hiring 10 water tankers per day for our 243 flat society. If the PMC fails to provide us with water despite our tax payments, we plan to stage a protest.”

Yogita Bagnikar, a resident of the Apla Ghar Housing Society, added, “We receive one hour of water supply each day. We have been dependent on tankers for the past six to seven years. With 100 flats in our society, we require approximately 2 to 3 tankers per day. We spend around 60,000 to 70,000 per month on tankers.”

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