66th Regional Level Dak Adalat on December 29 in Pune

The Postmaster General, Pune shall be holding 66th Regional Level Dak Adalat on December 29 at 11.30 hours in the office of the Postmaster General, 4 Finance road, Pune. 

Complaints / grievances regarding Postal Services in the district of Pune, Satara, Solapur and Ahmednagar only which have not been settled within 6 weeks will be entertained in the Dak Adalat. The complaints regarding unregistered / registered mails, speed post, counter services, saving banks, non-payment of money orders, etc will be considered during Dak Adalat. Complaints should contain details like the dates, names and designations of the officers to whom the original complaint was addressed, particulars of articles, etc. 

Customers may send their such unsettled complaints regarding Postal Services in duplicate to Shri P E Bhosale, assistant director of Postal Services I (PG), office of the Postmaster General, Pune region, Pune on or before December 24, 2022.  

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