AIIMS Delhi Doctors Rescue 2-Year-Old in Critical Condition on Vistara Flight

Pune Pulse Vistara Flight
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In a remarkable feat, a group of doctors from AIIMS Delhi successfully revived a two-year-old toddler who had stopped breathing during a Bengaluru-Delhi Vistara flight. The timely intervention of the five senior resident doctors ensured the child’s survival.

A Heartwarming Rescue: A miraculous story unfolded on a Vistara flight from Bengaluru to Delhi, as a two-year-old toddler’s life hung in the balance. The child had ceased breathing while aboard the flight, prompting a group of doctors from the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, to spring into action.

Medical Heroes in the Sky: The five senior resident doctors from AIIMS Delhi were en route to the national capital after participating in a medical event in Bengaluru. These doctors, namely Navdeep Kaur (SR anesthesia), Damandeep Singh (SR cardiac radiology), Rishab Jain (ex-SR AIIMS radiology), Oishika (SR OBG), and Avichala Taxak (SR cardiac radiology), were onboard Vistara flight UK-814.

The Crisis Unfolds:

On a fateful Sunday night, the flight crew broadcasted a distress signal, diverting the aircraft to Nagpur due to a critical medical emergency involving the toddler. The two-year-old girl, who had recently undergone intracardiac repair surgery, was found unconscious and cyanotic—her lips and fingers exhibiting a bluish hue.

Swift Medical Action:

Without hesitation, the five AIIMS doctors sprang into action. With limited resources, they initiated immediate cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on board the aircraft. Despite the challenging circumstances, the medical team skillfully managed to establish an intravenous line, secure the airway, and initiate a comprehensive emergency response.

A Fight for Life:

The medical intervention witnessed a heart-stopping 45 minutes, during which the child was resuscitated multiple times. The doctors utilized an automated external defibrillator (AED) to combat an additional cardiac arrest. The relentless efforts of the medical team bore fruit as they successfully managed to regain circulation and stabilize the child’s condition.

A Triumph of Teamwork:

The cooperative efforts of the AIIMS Delhi doctors demonstrated their unwavering dedication and expertise, as they navigated through a series of life-threatening challenges at 30,000 feet. Upon reaching Nagpur, the child was handed over to a pediatrician in a stable condition.

A Tale of Resilience:

This incident shines a light on the extraordinary feats that medical professionals are capable of, even in the most unexpected and challenging situations. The AIIMS Delhi doctors’ swift response and skilled management ensured that a young life was saved amidst the clouds.

In a world often fraught with uncertainties, stories like this remind us of the unwavering commitment of medical heroes who stand ready to serve and protect, regardless of the circumstances.