Anger Mounts Among NIBM Undri Road Residents Over Rumbler Strip Installation

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By: Pune Pulse

June 14, 2023

Pune: Accidents on NIBM-Undri road have become a regular occurrence. However, it has sparked fear among the residents. To make the matter worse, issues of overspeeding vehicles, and uneven roads have also come into the limelight. In order to reduce such incidents, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) carried out resurfacing of the road from the Palace Orchards Society to Kad Nagar in Undri. Additionally, they also installed rumbler strips to control the overspeeding of the vehicles. 

However, the people in the area are not happy with it. They have complained that the rumbler strips installed are more than required. Hence, causing inconvenience to the residents. Also, the road resurfacing work is being criticized by the residents because the RMC trucks are spilling cement over the road adding to the problems of the bikers. 

Milind Phadatare, a resident of Undri commented, “Though PMC has done a great job by resurfacing the road, it is being ruined by RMC trucks passing through the road and spilling cement mixture on the road. The PMC and traffic department should ensure that heavy vehicles should not pass through this road now.” 

Gregory Pillai, a resident of Runwal Daffodils said, “The newly installed rumbler strips are a big relief for motorists. But they are just too much in numbers. This may lead to more bike accidents.” 

Husain Barwaniwala, a resident of The Landmark Society said, “I am sharing my personal experience of June 13. The slope near Palace Orchard Society was being painted with white thermoplastic on the road. The water tanker passing from that road was spilling water on this new white thermoplastic paint which caused the tire of the vehicle to slip out of control. So, I request everyone to be careful while driving through this patch.” 

Another resident complained, “These rumblers are very dangerous for two-wheelers. It is wrong to put so many of them at such short distances.

Pune Pulse spoke to Avinash Kamthe, from the road department of PMC, he said, “They have been built as per the recommendations from the RTO department. With the opening of Cloud 9 road the traffic on Undri road will reduce. if required we may remove some of them but only after assessing the conditions for the next one week.”