Captured On Camera: ‘Delhi Virus Reached Bengaluru?’, Two Passengers Exchanging Blows in Metro

Captured On Camera: 'Delhi Virus Reached Bengaluru?', Two Passengers Exchanging Blows in Metro

Captured On Camera: 'Delhi Virus Reached Bengaluru?', Two Passengers Exchanging Blows in Metro

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Two Bengaluru men traveling in Namma Metro, engaged in heated brawl due to unspecified reason.

A video capturing a brawl between two men on the Namma Metro in Bengaluru has taken the internet by storm, echoing the heated altercations often seen on the Delhi Metro. The viral clip shows the two men hurling insults and trading punches amidst a crowded metro car, escalating from a minor scuffle to an intense fight. Other passengers eventually stepped in to defuse the situation.

The exact reason for the clash remains unclear, but it’s rumored that the two passengers got into a heated argument over pushing and shoving in the packed compartment. The time and location of the incident are also unknown.

This incident, seemingly the first of its kind on the Bengaluru metro, has sparked concerns about public transport safety.

One user commented, “Travelling in public transport is risky in multiple ways.” 

Another remarked, “Bound to happen with unruly behavior by many passengers who don’t follow queues, rush in without allowing passengers to exit, lean on doors, crowd around the doors, etc.; despite announcements & also due to many mute security personnel turning a blind eye in platforms.” 

Another user attributed the brawl to the combination of work and crowd pressure.

Interestingly, the crowd’s intervention has been noted and contrasted with similar incidents in Delhi. 

“If it had been Delhi or somewhere else, passengers would have just stood and watched.. here the audience stopped the fight. That’s the difference between Bangalore and other places.” 

one user wrote. “Delhi metro vibes in Namma Metro…the big difference – Co passengers intervening and getting them to calm down,” echoed another.

Meanwhile, the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) is investigating the incident to determine specifics, including the train and time of occurrence. In response, they plan to enhance security measures inside the trains to prevent future altercations.