Construction trucks plying in Raheja Vista Premiere poses threat ; allege residents

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Renuka Suryavanshi

For the past few days, residents of Raheja Vista Premiere Phase IV a residential complex of 304 flats with 1300 population of seniors citizens, ladies and children. The residents are facing huge threat due to plying of heavy construction vehicles such as trucks, concrete mixers, JCBs earth movers for construction nearby towers.

The problem increased when the construction trucks started using the path going to the Club House eminities. Residents had no knowledge or any consent taken. Till March 31, these heavy duty vehicles travelled from the plot ahead of the RVP ph IV to enter the society where the construction is happening. However, from from April 1, these trucks have been using the society entrance, a resident informed Pune Pulse. The society members also informed that the bouncers, security personnel are trying to threaten them.

A senior citizen of the society, Krishnan Venkiteswaran said, “The vehicles are plying on the ramp which gives us access to the clubhouse. The developer is using this ramp to ply heavy vehicles for the new construction which is being done for new towers. We are not against the construction, but we are against the road which is being used for the construction purpose, which has become a threat to our lives. Why weren’t society informed earlier ? Why is there no other access to the property where the new construction is being carried out ?’ 

Another resident, Col J Nair complained that the builder has been using our premises to ply the trucks. They cannot use a residential premises to carry out construction activity. The sound of these trucks is disturbing the peace of the senior citizens and kids. We want these trucks to use alternate roads and not our premises to carry out their work. 

The K Raheja Corp company spokesperson said, “We are accessing only those areas that we are legally entitled to and as agreed with residents in their agreements of sale. This is the only route available to us, and necessary to use, if we have to continue to honour the timeline commitments to customers of the next phase. This main access road is designed for heavy traffic and we will ensure its maintenance and upkeep. Additionally, we have undertaken thorough planning of vehicular movement and speed checks. Our safety, security and housekeeping services are also continuously available.”

Another resident of the society on the condition of anonymity said that till March 31 the trucks travelled ahead of the society premises. But on March 31 these vehicles started plying from within the society premises. This activity has put our lives in danger. There are senior citizens and kids who walk out or use bicycles to access our clubhouse. We need some solution to the problem as residents are scared to walk in the society’s premises now.

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