Dengue Outbreak in Pune: Municipal Health Department on High Alert

Combating Dengue: PCMC Takes Action Amid Rising Cases, Five Cases Reported 

Combating Dengue: PCMC Takes Action Amid Rising Cases, Five Cases Reported 

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Immediate measures implemented as dengue cases rise in Sadaanand Nagar, with 20 new suspected patients reported.

June 23, 2024

Pune: With the onset of the monsoon, Pune is witnessing a concerning rise in dengue cases. The latest reports indicate that 20 suspected dengue patients have emerged in Sadaanandnagar, Mangalwar Peth, prompting the Municipal Health Department to take swift action.

Since June 21, Sadaanand Nagar has reported 20 suspected dengue cases, with nine confirmed infections. In response to this alarming situation, the Municipal Health Department has initiated comprehensive preventive measures. Dr. Suryakant Deokar, Assistant Health Officer of the Municipal Corporation, emphasized the urgency of the situation and confirmed that immediate steps are being taken to curb the outbreak.

Patients exhibiting dengue-like symptoms have been admitted to Kamala Nehru Hospital for urgent treatment. The municipal authorities have commenced a thorough survey of the affected area, checking the health of residents and providing necessary medical attention to those in need.

This month alone, Pune has recorded 63 suspected dengue cases, with 21 reported in the past week. Over the course of the year, the city has seen 393 suspected dengue cases and nine chikungunya cases. To combat the spread of these diseases, the Municipal Corporation has issued notices to 560 residential and commercial establishments for mosquito breeding violations, resulting in fines totaling Rs 1,06,600.

Health Department officials inspected homes in Sadaanandnagar and found the tap water supply to be uncontaminated. However, water tanks in several buildings were identified as contaminated. Notices have been issued to address these issues, and preventive measures are underway to ensure safe water storage practices.

Municipal Health Department is urging residents to remain vigilant and take proactive steps to eliminate mosquito breeding sites, such as stagnant water. Public awareness campaigns and community engagement activities are being conducted to educate citizens on the importance of maintaining clean surroundings and taking personal protective measures against mosquito bites.

The situation in Sadaanandnagar and other affected areas is being closely monitored by health authorities. The municipal team continues to work around the clock to contain the outbreak and prevent further spread of dengue in Pune.

As the monsoon season progresses, the Municipal Health Department remains committed to safeguarding public health through prompt interventions and continuous surveillance.