Devendra Fadnavis Accelerates 400 KV Hinjawadi Sub-Station Project Progress

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PUNE : In response to concerns about the closure of the 400 KV substation constructed by the Maha Transmission Company at Hinjewadi in Pune district, Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has reassured the public that the substation work is poised to make rapid strides. This development comes in light of the burgeoning urbanization observed in the Pune district.

The matter was initially brought to attention by MLA Rahul Kul, who raised inquiries regarding the status of the Hinjewadi substation project.

Deputy Chief Minister Fadnavis clarified, “Contrary to the belief, the substation remains operational. Furthermore, an additional six high-pressure substations have been successfully commissioned. Delays in their operation were predominantly attributed to pending forest clearances. To address this, a comprehensive policy has been enacted, encompassing provisions for compensating landowners and farmers impacted by the construction of towers and high-pressure transmission lines exceeding 66 KV capacity. Enhanced compensation packages are being extended to these affected parties, in line with the stipulations of the policy.”

The swift progress in the Hinjewadi substation project, as underscored by Deputy Chief Minister Fadnavis, reflects a proactive approach to accommodate the evolving energy demands in the face of increasing urbanization and growth in Pune district.