Epic Road Trip in 59 Days: British National Drives 18,300 km from London to Thane Across 16 Countries

Epic Road Trip in 59 Days: British National Drives 18,300 km from London to Thane Across 16 Countries

Epic Road Trip in 59 Days: British National Drives 18,300 km from London to Thane Across 16 Countries

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Virajit Mungale’s remarkable journey showcases human endurance and the spirit of exploration.

24 June, 2024

A British national with roots in Thane, Maharashtra, completed an extraordinary 18,300 km road trip from London to Thane, covering 16 countries in 59 days. Virajit Mungale, who often visits his mother in Thane’s Raunak Park area, embarked on this adventurous journey, reflecting a remarkable spirit of human endurance and exploration.

Mungale set off on his adventure on April 20 and completed the journey on June 17, driving an SUV. His route spanned the UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Tibet, Nepal, and finally, India. Initially, Mungale was accompanied by his Nepali friend, Roshan Shresta, until they reached Kathmandu.

“I was inspired by the historic Silk Route and stories of other travelers. After failing to get a response from a couple who had completed a similar journey, I decided to plan it myself,” Mungale explained. 

“When I shared my plan with my wife, she thought I was joking, but eventually, she supported me, and that’s how this trip materialized. Though planned before the pandemic, it had to be postponed until now.”

Mungale meticulously planned his entire route, averaging 400-600 km daily and occasionally covering up to 1,000 km. He avoided late-night driving to ensure safety. “We had pre-maintenance done on the SUV but encountered a minor technical issue in Poland. After resolving it, the rest of the drive was smooth.”

Throughout the journey, Mungale experienced the diverse nature and culture of each country. He took a two-month leave from his IT job and secured all necessary permissions before entering each country. “Being a British national, I faced no issues entering European or other countries. All my documents were in order, and legal processes were handled.”

The trip presented several challenges, including minor altitude sickness and extreme weather at altitudes as high as 5,200 meters. Despite these difficulties, Mungale found the experience incredible. “Food was not a problem; I eat everything except beef and insects. We would stop after 3-4 pm to find accommodations for the night,” he said.

In the second leg, from Kathmandu, Mungale was joined by his wife and a relative for the rest of the journey. The entire 18,300 km trip required nearly 3,000 liters of fuel. Mungale’s adventure highlights human endurance and the spirit of exploration, showcasing the wonders and challenges of overland travel across diverse terrains and cultures.

Mungale plans to return to the UK by flight and will ship his SUV back. His epic journey serves as an inspiring testament to adventure and determination.