Former Corporator Amol Balwadkar Oversees Progress of Water Line Work in Sus-Mahalunge

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In line with the ‘Saman Paani Puravtha Yojana‘, the ongoing water line project in Sus-Mahalunge has caught the attention of former corporator Amol Balwadkar. On August 29, Balwadkar meticulously inspected the advancement of the initiative.

According to details shared through Ex Corporator Amol Balwadkar‘s official Facebook account, the significant water line project in Sus-Mahalunge is now in motion.

This pivotal undertaking currently concentrates on the fringes of the Sus-Mahalunge villages. It encompasses the installation of two water lines, each measuring 1800 meters in length. The comprehensive setup includes a transmission line with a diameter of 20 inches and a distribution line measuring 6 inches in diameter.

The completion of this ambitious pipeline installation promises to deliver uninterrupted water supply to the newly integrated Sus-Mahalunge villages.

Residents from various societies in the vicinity received comprehensive information regarding the project. During this informative session, Ashok Sangde, the Municipal Corporation’s Branch Engineer, and Project Manager Shivaji Salunkhe, along with the contractor, presented project details and maps to the local residents.

The event saw the presence of several notable individuals, including ex corporators Jyoti Kalamkar and Swapnali Saikar, Sarpanch Narayan Chandere, Kaluram Gaikwad, Rajendra Padale, Municipal Corporation Branch Engineer Ashok Sangde, Contractor Project Manager Shivaji Salunkhe, Vishwas Shastri, Sandip Pradhan, Vijay Deshpande, Ravindra Vaidya, and other community members.

Shreyas Vange