Funds of ₹1,200 crores allocated for various infrastructure projects for 34 merged villages in PMC

Mumbai: During a legislative assembly session, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde assured that the 34 merged villages in Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), which were included in two phases – 11 villages in 2017 and 23 villages in 2021 as per the state government’s decision, will not face any shortage of funds for basic amenities.

Member of Legislature Assembly, Sunil Tingre, raised concerns during the session that the newly merged villages in PMC are facing inconvenience due to infrastructure facilities. In response, Chief Minister Shinde stated that the development plan for 11 villages out of the 34 is being prepared through the Pune Municipal Corporation, while the development plan for the remaining 23 villages is being prepared through the Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA).

A final plan worth ₹1200 crores has been allocated, with provisions made in the budget for water supply schemes, sewage management schemes, and other necessary facilities for these villages. The government is committed to providing all basic facilities to these villages, showcasing its positive role in promoting comprehensive development in Pune.

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