Good News : Pune Airport to Begin Quick Check-In System for Passengers

Pune : Senior Citizens Cry Over Dismal Facilities at Pune Airport

Pune : Senior Citizens Cry Over Dismal Facilities at Pune Airport

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In view of the triple fold increase in the number of passengers at the Pune airport, quick checking of passengers will be started at the Pune airport as this will save time of the passengers. 

As per information, various new facilities are starting from Pune Airport. Flights from Pune are being increased. This has increased the number of passengers.

Now, the passengers will save their time due to new facilities in which check-in will be done early. 24-hour air traffic has started at Pune Airport due to the completion of runway lighting. As this airport has been open for 24 hours, the number of flights from Pune has increased.

New facilities are being started by the Airport Authority of India (AAI) at four locations in the country. It includes Pune airport. Apart from Pune, such facilities are starting in Chennai, Kolkata & Goa.

Also, a full body scanner will now be installed at Pune airport. It has been approved by AAI.

The central government had floated a tender for the purchase of scanners in the month of July. Hence, full body scanners are going to be installed at four airports in the country. A tender will be floated for hand bag scanners as well for Pune airport soon. 

Shreyas Vange