Google introduces Genie, a first-ever AI model that can generate video games from text, images

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Tech giant Google’s DeepMind introduces Genie, an innovative AI model capable of generating interactive 2D video games from either a text prompt or image input. The groundbreaking technology enables users to engage and play within the virtual worlds it creates. Although currently in the research preview stage, Genie marks a significant step in AI-driven gameplay and world creation.

The Genie model was meticulously trained on various online gameplay and video content, establishing its proficiency in crafting playable environments. 

Google emphasizes that these AI-generated games are designed for 2D platforms, showcasing the evolving capabilities of artificial intelligence in the gaming landscape.

Key Features of Google Genie:

1. Versatile Playable worlds: Genie can generate an extensive array of playable and action-controllable worlds using synthetic images, photographs, sketches, and text prompts.

2. Training Process: The model was trained in an unsupervised manner from unlabelled internet videos, making it adept at creating diverse interactive environments.

3. Impressive Scale: Genie boasts a considerable size with billions of parameters, incorporating a spatiotemporal video tokenizer, autoregressive dynamics model, and a scalable latent action model.

4. Frame-by-Frame Interaction: The model can operate in generated environments on a frame-by-frame basis even in the absence of specific training labels or domain requirements.

5. Image Prompt Capability: Genie can be prompted with images it has never seen before, including real-world photographs and sketches, enabling users to interact with their imagined virtual worlds.

6. Foundation World Model: The research paper underlines Genie’s capability to serve as a foundation world model, focusing on 2D platform games and robotics during its training phase.

7. Domain-Agnostic Training: Genie’s training methodology allows it to function across various domains and scale efficiently to larger Internet datasets.

8. Control Reproduction: Genie can learn and reproduce controls for in-game characters exclusively from internet videos, even when lacking labels or specific information about actions performed.

While previous AI models demonstrated creativity in generating content with language, images, and videos, Genie’s unique ability to construct playable environments from a single image prompt sets it apart in the realm of generative interactive models. Google DeepMind’s pioneering efforts open new possibilities for AI-driven gaming experiences, pushing the boundaries between imagination and reality.