Gujarat person with confirmed third AC ticket misses train due to overcrowding

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By: Pune Pulse

November 15, 2023

Pune: A Gujarati man, who had a confirmed 3-tier AC ticket to his hometown of Ratlam, MP, was pushed out of his train due to overcrowding, and he took a swipe at Indian Railways. The 27-year-old Anshul Sharma took to X, the former Twitter platform, to express his annoyance at Indian Railways’ poor performance at the Vadodara railway station.

As per information from the X handle of Anshul Sharma, ‘PNR 8900276502’. Indian Railways Worst Management. Thanks for ruining my Diwali. This is what you get even when you have a confirmed 3rd AC ticket. No help from the Police. Many people like me were not able to board. I want a total refund of Rs 1173.95.’

Sharma further added that he was thrown from the train by the labour crowd. They prevented anyone from boarding the train by locking the doors. The police laughed at the situation and said emphatically that they couldn’t help him.

After that, Sharma made an unsuccessful attempt to get in touch with the passenger helpline centers and the Railways. Anshul Sharma went on to say that he wanted the Railways to reimburse him for his Rs 1,173.95, highlighting the fact that his tickets had been raised and deemed resolved without even offering a resolution.

Shreyas Vange