Health Chakra Clinics: Bringing Comprehensive Healthcare to Nyati County in Pune

Pune: Join Health Chakra's Doctors Day Event for Free Health Services in Nyati County

Pune: Join Health Chakra's Doctors Day Event for Free Health Services in Nyati County

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Undri: Nyati County residents have a reason to celebrate as Health Chakra Clinics continue to expand their range of services, ensuring easy and accessible healthcare for all. Located at Nyati Estate Market, Shop No. 32 and 33, Health Chakra Clinics have been at the forefront of providing convenient healthcare solutions, including home visits, making medical care more accessible than ever.

In a significant move to further enhance the well-being of the community, Health Chakra is now introducing diet counseling to its array of services. This addition is aimed at promoting healthier lifestyles through personalized nutrition plans and expert dietary advice.

To celebrate Doctor’s Day and to encourage everyone to take proactive steps towards better health, Health Chakra Clinics are offering a variety of free health services on June 30th and July 1st. These services include:

• Free Weight Loss and Diet Consultation: Get personalized advice to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
• Free Neuropathy Pain Test: Identify and manage nerve pain with a free diagnostic test.
• Free Random Blood Sugar Test: Monitor your blood sugar levels to keep diabetes in check.
• Free Dental Consultation: Ensure your dental health is on track with a professional evaluation.

These free services can only be availed by registered residents. A registration fee of 100 rupees applies, and residents are encouraged to register beforehand as there are limited slots available.

This initiative not only aims to raise awareness about the importance of regular health check-ups but also to motivate the community to prioritize their health.

Residents can register for these free services by visiting the clinic or calling 8999861705. The staff at Health Chakra Clinics are dedicated to providing high-quality care and ensuring that every citizen of Nyati County has access to the medical attention they need.

Health Chakra Clinics are committed to the well-being of the community, making healthcare accessible and convenient for everyone. Don’t miss this opportunity to take a step towards a healthier future. Register today and take advantage of these free services!

For more information, visit Health Chakra Clinics at Nyati Estate Market, Shop No. 32 and 33. Your health is their priority.