Health Chakra Holds Health Drive in Nyati County in Mohamadwadi 

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HEALTH CHAKRA in association with NYATI CHESTERFIELD , NYATI SERENITY & NYATI WINDCHIMES presents NYATI HEALTH DRIVE.One can register for the health drive and avail Physician Services, Dental Services & Pathology Services. 

Nyati Health Drive offers a bouquet of services to the residents of Nyati County in Mohamadwadi. The health drive offers Free Dental Consultation and Teeth Cleaning At Rs 149 only.

Physician consultation and BP Monitoring and ECG at Rs 599 only.

Get your blood tests (Random Sugar, CBC, Cholesterol /Thyroid) at Rs 120 only.

Get 10 percent off on Dental Treatments

A special membership plan for senior citizens is planned for the elderly at the camp. 

DATE – 26/08/2023
TIME – 9.00AM TO 3.00PM
LOCATION – HEALTH CHAKRA VAN (outside the main gate of Nyati Chesterfield, Nyati Serenity & Nyati Windchimes)
Services – Physician Services, Dental Services & Pathology Services