Hinjewadi police seize gutka of Rs 18 lakhs on Bengaluru Mumbai Highway

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Hinjewadi police seize gutka of Rs 18 lakhs on Bengaluru Mumbai Highway

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By: Pune Pulse

November 4, 2023

Pune : Hinjewadi police seized gutkha worth 18 lakhs on November 3. Ram Gomare, a member of the investigation team, received a tip-off from an informant regarding two individuals planning to transport banned tobacco products, such as Gutkha and Pan Masala, in a white Mahindra pick-up truck on the Bengaluru Mumbai Highway towards Punawale for sale.

Acting upon this reliable tip, Senior Police Inspector Gomare informed other police staff to establish a trap on the Bengaluru Mumbai Highway. As per the received information, the Mahindra pick-up truck was observed heading towards New Sagar Hotel on the Bengaluru Mumbai Highway in Tathawade, Pune.

The police staff successfully intercepted the mentioned vehicle and apprehended the two individuals inside. Upon requesting their personal information and the contents of the car, Vakaram Thakararamji Jat, aged 19 years, residing in Maval, Dist. Pune provided the following details. Another individual, Bogaram Sukhram Bishnoi, also disclosed information about the goods in the car. Subsequently, the car was inspected and discovered to contain boxes of gutkha and pouches of tobacco.

It was disclosed that the goods were acquired from Sujit Khimsara, a resident of Kothrud, Pune, who allegedly had the intention to sell them when questioned about their origin. The total value of the goods was reported to be Rs. 18,18,000. An FIR has been registered under sections 328, 272, 273, 188.