Kaas plateau open for tourists

Renuka Suryavanshi

Kaas – Maharashtra’s Valley of Flowers is now open for tourists from August 25, 2021. UNESCO’s world heritage site, Kaas remained closed last year due to Covid19 pandemic. The Kaas Plateau Action Committee in a meeting with the Forest department and District Collector decided to open the place for tourists from August 25, 2021. 

Somnath Jadhav, president, Kaas Plateau Action Committee told Pune Pulse that the place remained closed for one year due to Covid19 pandemic. More than 1500 people on the plateau are solely dependent on tourism. With the closure last year these people suffered heavy losses. We decided to keep the place open after taking into account several aspects. At present the flowering is less and it is advised that tourists can book their visit from September 1 onwards.” 

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How to visit Kaas ? 

1. Kas is located around 25 kms from Satara district. 
2. Kas lake, Tapola, Samarth Ramdas Swami’s Samadhi at Sajjangad, Vajrai Waterfall, Navra Navri Dongar (Hill), Ghatai Devi mandir (kas bamnoli road) Ekiv Waterfall, Sahyadri Windmill Project and Thoseghar Waterfalls are some of the other important locations which can be visited. 
3. Entry to Kas is available through online Booking on the and by paying Rs 100 per person. 
4. Parking of personal vehicles should be compulsorily made at the pay and park lot. Arrangement of bus is made where one can pay Rs 10 per person. 
5. Following Covid19 health protocols is mandatory. No entry without mask. 
6. Washroom and drinking water facility is available on the plateau. 
7. Kas is spread across an area of 4500 acres. It is the second place in India where rare flowers bloom every year between September to October. 
8. At present, in August 2021 more than 30 varieties of flowers have bloomed. More flowers will be seen in the month of September 2021. Rare and endangered species of plants are found on Kas Pathar /  Kas Plateau

How to reach Kas plateau ? 

Kaas is situated 25 Kms away from Satara District & 20 Km away from Northern part of Koyna Sanctuary. It is locally called as ‘Kas Pathar’ or ‘Plateau of Flowers’. The major portion of the plateau is a Reserve Forest. Kas plateau is listed under the Protection Working Circle. Kas lake (built 100 years ago) is a perennial source of Water supply for western part of Satara city by gravity. It is a glory of Satara forest division. (No entry fee for children below 12yr old and Senior citizen (age above 65 yrs) please carry your age proof ID)

More than 850 species of flowering plants are reported. Out of these 624 sp., 39 sp. are found in Kas Region only. It Approximates 6% of the Red data species. Plateau seems to change the colours after every 15- 20 days as the cycle of flowering plants progresses with the monsoon progress since June to October.

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