LASIK: Embracing a Clear World without Glasses

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LASIK, a revolutionary procedure in the field of ophthalmology, offers individuals the opportunity to enter a crystal-clear world, free from the shackles of glasses. For those who have been burdened with spectacles since childhood or were born with visual impairments, LASIK holds immense importance. In this article, we will explore the basics and significant aspects of LASIK, shedding light on the various refractive procedures available to liberate individuals from their dependence on glasses.
Refractive procedures encompass a range of options in the world of ophthalmology to eliminate the need for glasses. These procedures include different types of laser techniques such as PRK, TRANSPRK, LASIK, LASEK, FEMTO LASIK, and SMILE. Additionally, there are options like implantable contact lenses (ICL/IPCL) and clear lens extraction (CLE) with or without intraocular lens implantations. While contact lenses offer an alternative to glasses, they require daily insertion and removal, limiting the sense of true freedom.

Laser techniques, including PRK, TRANS PRK, BLADE LASIK, LASEK, EPILASIK, FEMTO LASIK, and SMILE, focus on modifying the cornea to achieve the desired structural changes. Clear lens extraction (CLE) involves the removal of the natural lens, followed by the placement of artificial intraocular lenses tailored to the patient’s visual needs. In contrast, ICL/IPCL procedures involve the surgical implantation of intraocular lenses without altering the eye’s structure. Before proceeding with any of these procedures, thorough evaluation and preoperative LASIK workup are conducted to assess safety, limitations, and feasibility. This workup includes assessments of corneal shape and thickness, eye lens characteristics, anterior chamber depth, and other factors.

Typically, laser procedures are recommended for mild to moderate visual impairments, while ICL/IPCL or CLE are preferred for high refractive errors. However, the specific treatment plan may vary based on the individual’s preoperative LASIK workup results. In recent years, the introduction of PRESBYOND has provided a remarkable solution for individuals aged 40 and above who wish to eliminate the need for near vision/reading glasses. This procedure is particularly beneficial for those who have never worn spectacles before but find themselves burdened by the sudden requirement of reading glasses as they enter their 40s. PRESBYOND offers these individuals a renewed sense of freedom and convenience.

It is important to mention Contoura LASIK, as it generates curiosity among many youngsters. Contoura LASIK is a technique where the laser is applied according to the individual’s corneal surface. While Contoura is a specific machine, similar techniques are offered by other specified machines as well. Therefore, if an individual’s eye requires this technique, it can be performed using alternative machines. The ultimate goal of all these refractive procedures is to provide a life free from glasses. They are time-tested, completely safe when performed following proper guidelines, and have transformed the lives of countless individuals.

NANDADEEP SERI EYE HOSPITAL, located in Pune, is renowned as one of the leading refractive eye centers in the region. Equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and laser equipment, the hospital boasts a team of super-specialist surgeons. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Bhushan Wadekar and Dr. Seema Mane, the hospital has witnessed numerous success stories. One such example is Ms. A, a homemaker who, despite her high refractive error of -16 Dioptres, now enjoys a spectacle-free and confident life after a successful Phakic IOL surgery. Similarly, Mr. B, a computer user, found freedom from glasses after undergoing PRESBYOND surgery at the hospital. Ms. C, a nursing student from Aurangabad, was able to pursue her studies effortlessly without glasses after availing the hospital’s campaign offer. Ms. D successfully met the criteria for army recruitment after PRK surgery at NANDADEEP SERI EYE HOSPITAL, while Ms. E, a police officer in Alibaug, can now carry out her duties without hindrance following a successful transPRK procedure.

These examples are just a glimpse of the hundreds of success stories witnessed recently at NANDADEEP SERI EYE HOSPITAL. With a commitment to employing the latest technology, adhering to ethical practices, and delivering the best possible results, the hospital continues to transform lives and provide patients with a future free from glasses.