Maharashtra state environment dept warns of sealing construction sites flouting norms 

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Maharashtra state environment dept warns of sealing construction sites flouting norms - Pune Pulse

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Pune city is on alert as the level of air pollution is turning severe with each passing day. Due to this, the health of the citizens is at stake. Therefore, in Pune, 25 feet high walls should be erected around the construction projects of more than 50 meters height and more than 1 acre area.

As per further information, the State Department of Environment and Climate Change has issued guidelines for the use of smog gun water sprinklers during construction to control dust.

Pollution is increasing day by day due to ongoing construction of housing projects, metro construction, vehicular pollution, climate change and photochemical reactions in Mumbai. After that, construction projects are also underway in Pune on a large scale. Due to increasing dust particles, the air pollution in Pune has reached a dangerous level. Air pollution has increased significantly in major cities across the country including Mumbai, Pune.

Ongoing construction in cities and sites of flyovers and metro projects need to contain hazardous dust. Accordingly, the State Environment and Climate Change Department has given guidelines. The constructions are going to be sealed directly if the guidelines are not followed. Instructions in this regard will be given to the builders and it will be implemented immediately. After the order is issued in this regard, these measures will be taken first by going to the actual place and it will also be filmed. If it is not implemented, these constructions will be stopped or sealed.

Following are the instructions:

·         It is mandatory to cover existing structures, structures under demolition and project work with wet green cloth, wet jute cloth or tarpaulin

·         Masks, goggles mandatory for construction workers

·         Soil, gravel, sand should be covered at the construction site

·         At least 20 feet barricading must be done at all work sites like flyovers

·         Vehicles will be confiscated if caught dumped waste

Shreyas Vange