Mumbai Pollution: Bombay High Court Asks To Stop Construction Works During Diwali 

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Guidelines for fire safety must be issued before May 2024 : Bombay High Court to State govt 

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The air quality has deteriorated in the city of Mumbai for the past few days. As a result, there has been a rapid increase in respiratory diseases in the city. 

Meanwhile, with Diwali approaching, the fear of increasing pollution was being expressed. In this case, the Bombay High Court has taken a big decision.

As per further information, the Bombay High Court has given major directions to maintain good air quality during Diwali, to stop all construction in Mumbai for now. People’s lives are more important than the development work. The High Court has put a brake on all the builders asking such questions.

Last chance from high court to administration regarding construction ban. If there is no improvement in the air quality by next Friday, the ban will be implemented for four days of Diwali. It has been made mandatory to completely cover vehicles carrying construction debris with tarpaulin. No wish to ban firecrackers. However, strictly follow the instructions given by the court in this regard. The High Court has given a stern warning to all the administrative bodies to improve the air quality or else all public projects will be stopped. Bursting of firecrackers is allowed only between 7 pm and 10 pm.

The Chief Justice will review again on Friday. The Chief Justice has taken the stand that if the air quality does not improve by then, the strict instructions issued today will be strictly followed. All administrative systems and BMC administration have been given a deadline to improve till Friday. However, it has been made mandatory to cover any construction and debris transport. Due to the strict stance of the High Court, the administrative system has become rough.

Shreyas Vange