Viral Hack Makes Kebab Making a Breeze: Internet Applauds the ‘Genius’ Trick

Viral Hack Makes Kebab Making a Breeze: Internet Applauds the 'Genius' Trick

Viral Hack Makes Kebab Making a Breeze: Internet Applauds the 'Genius' Trick (Representational pic)

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Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a kitchen novice, shaping seekh kebabs perfectly can be a challenge. But fear not, because a viral hack is here to save the day! Shared by popular Instagram vlogger @naushvlogs, this genius trick has taken the internet by storm, earning praise for its simplicity and effectiveness.

Seekh kebabs, a beloved classic, are notoriously tricky to shape just right. But with this easy hack, you can say goodbye to uneven or misshapen kebabs for good. The method promises to streamline the preparation process, making it quicker and more convenient for home cooks of all levels.

Here are the steps she followed to shape this beloved snack in just a few minutes:

Step 1: Place a chopping board on a flat surface.

Step 2: Cover the chopping board with a plastic ziplock bag or a sheet.

Step 3: Brush the plastic sheet with butter or oil to prevent the meat from sticking.

Step 4: Take a scoop of minced meat and place it on the left side of the plastic sheet. Then fold the sheet over this portion of the meat. 

Step 5: Using your hands, gently push or roll the plastic sheet with the meat inside from the right side towards the left side.

Step 6: Continue rolling until the meat forms into a long, cylindrical shape, like a kebab.

Step 7: Once the meat is shaped to your liking, carefully remove the plastic sheet from around the kebab.

Step 8: Repeat the process with the remaining minced meat to make as many kebabs as you like, before cooking

The reel has received over 5 million views so far. In the comments, many Instagram users were impressed with this clever hack. Read some of the reactions here:

A user said, “Work hard (cross) work smart (check mark).”

Another user joked, “Humara itna dimagh kyun nahi chalta (How come our brain doesn’t work like this?).”

A third wrote, “This is so satisfying to watch.”

“Very impressive technique” echoed a few.

Another said, “Wow amazing trick thanks for sharing

From minced meat to veggie options, kebabs offer endless versatility and flavor possibilities. And now, thanks to this viral hack, anyone can master the art of kebab making with ease. With the internet buzzing with excitement over this ingenious solution, it’s clear that @naushvlogs has struck gold with this kitchen hack.