Nashik Makhmalabad Gram Panchayat decides no donation will be provided to Ganesh Mandals

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PUNE: Ganeshutsav is a festival celebrated by masses not just individuals. There are many Ganpati mandals who install Ganpati and often ask for donations which are used in decoration, social programmes and religious ceremonies.

However, the village of Makhmalabad, located in the city of Nashik, has made a significant decision to prevent such practices. As per a press release, no public boards will be permitted to receive donations. With Ganesh Chaturthi 2023 just around the corner, preparations are underway throughout the region, including Nashik city. This year, many mandals will be organizing festivities for the local populace.

However, it has become increasingly problematic in recent times due to the growing number of mandals and the associated fees for donations. In fact, activists in Pune recently assaulted a grocery store owner who was collecting donations.

In light of these developments, the villagers of Makhmalabad have devised a solution, and the Makhmalabad gram panchayat has taken a crucial decision to prohibit public boards from receiving donations. Any individual who violates this rule will be subject to a penalty.

During a meeting of the Makhmalabad Rural Development Board, a resolution was passed to inform all citizens of the Makhmalabad area that donations for all public festivals in 2023 should not be given to any mandal.

Additionally, several other measures were approved, including the proper parking of vehicles on the Makhmalabad main road, the removal of taps by Makhmalabad tapi owners adjacent to the drains, the construction of a retaining wall, the relocation of vegetable vendors to the MNP space near Devi Mandir, the prohibition of unnecessary hoardings, and the disallowance of DJ performances by any board.

Madhupriya Dhanwate