Nashik woman dies after being hit by car

Nashik woman dies after being hit by car

Nashik woman dies after being hit by car

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July 10, 2024

In Nashik, a 36-year-old woman identified as Vaishali Shinde was killed by a speeding car in a hit-and-run case. This shocking incident took place on Gangapur Road. The impact was so severe that she was thrown 15-20 meters as seen in the CCTV footage. The driver, who was under the influence of alcohol, was later arrested, police said. The accused is identified as Devchand Rambhau Tidme, a resident of Dhruv Nagar who worked at a company in the Satpur MIDC area, police informed.  As per the information, the victim was a resident of Hanuman Nagar.  

Here’s the video that has shattered everyone in Maharashtra

The victim was walking home after 6 pm when the speeding car hit her from behind on the Bardan Phata-Shivaji Nagar Road, near Gangapur Road. The victim sustained a severe head injury. She was rushed to a nearby hospital where doctors declared him dead. 

The previous day, 45-year-old Nidhi Ware was brutally hit by a truck in another Nashik accident. 

Such incidents are increasing day to day and are fatally injuring as well as threatening the lives of people. Initially, the Mumbai-Worli case where a couple was struck by a speeding BMW car also led to the fatal death of the victim who was dragged for 1.5 kilometers and then the accused, Mihir Shah, son of a leader of Eknath Shinde Shiv Sena Faction was arrested by the officials after three days. 

Hit-and-run cases have prompted instant jurisprudence and stricter enforcement to take charge of the current circumstances and intervene to safeguard civilians from such hazardous crimes. The time has come to acknowledge the seriousness of these cases and impose strict laws to immediately minimize the level of harm it is causing the people all around.