Over 100 Flyers Spend 2 Hours in Aircraft & 3 Hours on Pune Airport; Know More

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Pune : A snag occurred during taxiing, leaving about 150 passengers on an IndiGo flight from Pune to Delhi early on Wednesday. After the plane encountered technical difficulties, the passengers spent more than three hours waiting in the airport until the airline arranged for a replacement.

At two in the morning, the flight (6E 2418) was supposed to depart the city. While taxiing, the Airbus encountered a problem. Around 3:30 am, the pilots were permitted to disembark the aircraft after the engineers were unable to resolve the issue. At 7.30 am, they were transported to Delhi via a different aircraft.

An airline representative stated that a technical issue was the reason for the flight’s delay. For the flyers, an alternate aircraft was available.

The flight’s delay caused several passengers’ plans for further travel to be scrapped.

According to a passenger, he arrived at the airport at 11:30 p.m. and finished the necessary paperwork. At around 1:20 am, the boarding began. He and the other passengers were seated by 1.40 am. The plane taxied a short distance in the direction of the runway before coming to an abrupt stop. Although the crew promised to solve the issue in 20 minutes, that did not work out. Around 3.30 am, the aircraft was brought to the maintenance point and everyone was permitted to disembark after the crew and engineers realized that the issue was not being resolved.

After disembarking, he said, all passengers were directed to the arrival area of the Pune airport and instructed to retrieve their luggage. At first, the travelers lost patience and wouldn’t pick up their bags. They started arguing with the IndiGo ground officials after they looked for a different aircraft. The passengers were notified by the ground crew at 5 a.m. that an alternate aircraft was being scheduled to arrive in Pune at 7 a.m.

Shreyas Vange(Source – TOI)