NEET Exam: Cheating scandal uncovered at NEET Test centre in Gujarat. Click to learn more

NEET Exam: Cheating scandal uncovered at NEET Test centre in Gujarat. Click to learn more

Police seizing items from the school that were used in the exam cheating plot.

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In Godhra, Gujarat, a teacher and two accomplices are facing legal charges for allegedly attempting to manipulate the results of the NEET-UG exam, a crucial test for students hoping to enter medical colleges. The teacher, identified as Tushar Bhatt, was working at a school that served as an exam centre. He, along with Parsuram Roy and Arif Vora, was accused of arranging to fill in correct answers on the exam papers of six students, in exchange for ₹10 lakh per student.

The scam came to light after district authorities were tipped off about possible cheating at the school. Bhatt, who served as the deputy superintendent of the exam, was found with ₹7 lakh in his car, believed to be an advance payment from Vora to secure a candidate a spot on the merit list.

Investigators discovered that the involved students were instructed to leave some questions blank. These would later be filled out with the correct answers after the exam papers were collected, according to the plan outlined in the First Information Report (FIR) lodged by the district education officer.

Authorities, including the district additional collector and district education officer, arrived at the school on exam day and interrogated Bhatt. They found a list of 16 candidates on his phone, shared via WhatsApp by Roy, which included the names and details of those involved.

Bhatt admitted to the scheme, revealing the financial arrangements made for manipulating the exam results. Following these confessions, police seized Bhatt’s phone, the cash, and his car, and reported the findings to the district collector who ordered the FIR.

The three men were charged with criminal breach of trust, cheating, and criminal conspiracy. The ongoing investigation seeks to further uncover the extent of this cheating plot.

NEET (UG) serves as the gateway for students to enter various medical and dental courses across India, emphasizing the seriousness of the alleged breach in examination integrity.