‘Padh Ke Kya Karna Hai’: Student’s Philosophical Quote at the End of Maths Exam Amuses Internet

'Padh Ke Kya Karna Hai': Student's Philosophical Quote at the End of Maths Exam Amuses Internet

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The humorous quote penned by student Harsh Beniwal quickly captured the attention of social media users. The internet is abuzz over a student’s funny addition to his answer sheet. Rakesh Sharma, a teacher and Instagram user, shared a video showcasing his student Harsh Beniwal’s maths paper. The humorous quote penned by Beniwal has quickly gone viral.

The video begins with Sharma showing Beniwal’s exam answer sheet and detailing the student’s scores on each question. At the end of his sheet, Beniwal wrote, “Padh padh ke kya karna hai, ek din toh marna hai, phir bhi pass hone ki iccha hai” (What will we do by studying? One has to die eventually. Though, I still have hopes to pass this exam). This post was shared on social media a while ago and has since gained numerous views and likes.

Earlier, another student went viral on social media for drawing a heart diagram on his exam sheet. While the diagram seemed correct, the student humorously labeled the parts with names of girls – Haritha, Priya, Pooja, Namitha, and Roopa. The student also described the functions of the heart in relation to the girls.