Palkhi Festival 2023: Temporary Ban on Heavy Vehicles and Four-Wheelers Entering Alandi

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Alandi, June 6, 2023: In anticipation of the forthcoming departure ceremony of Shri Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj’s Palkhi Route, authorities in Alandi have made an important announcement. Starting from June 7 to 12, there will be a temporary ban on the entry of industrial heavy vehicles and four-wheelers into the town. Police Inspector Shahaji Pawar shared this information with the public.

The revered palanquin of Shri Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj is scheduled to commence its journey to Pandharpur on June 11, following which it will continue its route to Pune on June 12. 

This grand ceremony witnesses the participation of devoted Warkaris from all over Maharashtra. In order to ensure a smooth flow of traffic and prevent congestion in Alandi during this period, the police have devised a comprehensive traffic management plan. 

The temporary ban on heavy vehicles and four-wheelers aims to facilitate the implementation of this plan, except for essential service vehicles and the Dindi procession participants who will remain in Alandi throughout the Wari period.

Industrial and four-wheeler vehicles will be directed to take an alternative route and will be halted at a distance of approximately six to seven kilometers from Alandi. The police have effectively communicated the traffic arrangements to heavy vehicle operators in industrial areas, as well as those responsible for transporting workers and school students. 

Vehicles traveling from Pune to Alandi will be diverted via Bhosari through Magazine Chowk. Those coming from Moshi-Dehu will be stopped at the Dudulgaon checkpoint, while vehicles from Chakan will be halted at Alandi Phata. Traffic from Vadgaon Ghenand-Shelpimpalgaon will be blocked at Koyali Phata, and vehicles from the Markal Industrial Area will be stopped at Charholi Bypass at Dhanore Phata. Similarly, vehicles from Chimbli Kelgaon will be halted at Chimbli Phata. However, vehicles associated with the pilgrims participating in the procession will be granted access.

Commencing tomorrow, a temporary ban will be enforced, preventing heavy vehicles and four-wheelers from entering Alandi until Monday, specifically to accommodate the Palkhi festival. Individuals requiring passage out of Alandi for work purposes will be issued passes to ensure their smooth transit. These measures have been implemented to guarantee the successful execution of the event and to facilitate the safe and organized movement of participants and visitors alike.