NIBM Road : Residents of Palace Orchard Society in Pune Protest Against Managing committees’ High-Handedness, no transparency and financial irregularities

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Residents of Palace Orchard society on NIBM Road in Pune, Kondhwa staged a protest (thali morcha) on Saturday morning against the management committee, accusing them of high-handedness, inefficiency ,no transparency, negligence and financial irregularities. More than 30 residents participated in the protest, expressing their frustration with the committee’s lack of responsiveness asking them to get down from the chairs.

The residents raised various concerns, including the management’s failure to address queries regarding monthly expenses, account maintenance, proceedings, AGM MOM and footages, no audit rectification done and submitted to Registrar and members, irregular water supply, mosquito menace, no conveyance deed , pipeline work to receive PMC water done wrong blocking water equivalent to 8 tankers and issues related to health and hygiene.

According to the protesters, these concerns have been ignored by the management for the past one and half year. Furthermore, they alleged that members of the committee have resorted to threats against those who voiced complaints.

After enduring prolonged unresponsiveness and a lack of accountability, the residents chose to take action by organizing a protest within the premises of the society.

An anonymous resident shared their grievances, stating that the management committee has consistently failed to address any queries raised by the residents. Despite finally obtaining Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) water supply after a 25-year struggle, the committee has mismanaged the distribution, leading to continued dependence on water tankers. Additionally, the overall health and hygiene standards within the society have been neglected.

Another resident mentioned that those who demanded transparency regarding the society’s financial accounts were denied access. Any member who voiced concerns or objections was reportedly met with threats from the committee members. As a result of the management’s neglect, the society’s premises have also deteriorated, lacking proper cleanliness and hygiene standards.

The residents hope that their protest will draw attention to the depth that they have been facing and push the management committee to take immediate action to address their concerns or leave the chairs.

The aggrieved members have finally got an order against the MC a relief from the deputy registrar to investigate the correspondence which the MC has been hiding for so long from members. The squad will come and do the needful. Residents Sharad Kyadar, M Y Pathan, Prajakta Pethkar, Ashish Kekde, Ali Sanego, Lillian Badalkar, Shalini Noronha, Bhavika Shroff, Sangeeta Rajwanshi, Preeti Jinwal, Raunak Shetty, Shehbaaz shaikh, Attar Shaikh, Reshma Subba, Nimmi, Prabodh Sachdeva, Pillay, Col. Goel, Prasad Dighe and other members were in support.