PCMC forms dedicated anti-rabies squad to achieve rabies-free city by 2030

PCMC forms dedicated anti-rabies squad to achieve rabies-free city by 2030

PCMC forms dedicated anti-rabies squad to achieve rabies-free city by 2030

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In a significant step towards eradicating rabies from the city limits, the Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC) has established a dedicated anti-rabies squad. The team comprises veterinary doctors, livestock supervisors, dog catchers, and helpers, supported by a specialized dog van and a medical purposes van for the medical team.

Since its inception in May, the squad has vaccinated approximately 1,200 dogs in various areas, particularly focusing on regions with reported dog bite incidents. Additionally, around 600 anti-rabies vaccinations have been administered at the sterilization centre with the help of Canine Control and Care. The program emphasizes simultaneous sterilization and vaccination to effectively control the rabies threat, aiming for 70 percent herd immunity in the civic limits.

PCMC Deputy Commissioner Sandip Khot stated, "Our goal is to make PCMC a rabies-free city by 2030. The formation of this dedicated squad and the concerted efforts of our team and animal volunteers are critical steps towards achieving this ambitious target. If need be, we will increase the number of such squads in the coming days. The initiative has garnered support from numerous animal volunteers, who have been instrumental in facilitating the vaccination drives.

PCMC Anti-Rabies Initiative:

Key Highlights

#Dedicated Anti-Rabies Squad

– Veterinary doctors

– Livestock supervisors

– Dog catchers and helpers

#Support Vehicles

– Specialized dog van

– Medical purposes van

#Vaccination Drive (Since May)

– 1,200 vaccinations in the field

– 600 vaccinations at the sterilization centre


– Canine Control and Care

– Local animal welfare organizations

#Focus Areas

– Regions with reported dog bite incidents

#Sterilization and Vaccination

– Conducted simultaneously

– Targeting 70% herd immunity

#Community Engagement

– Education and awareness campaigns

– Partnerships with veterinary colleges and private practitioners


– Make PCMC rabies-free by 2030

The squad operates in collaboration with local animal welfare organizations,
ensuring that their efforts are comprehensive and far-reaching. Education and
awareness campaigns are also being conducted to inform the public about the
importance of rabies prevention and responsible pet ownership.

–Sandip Khot, PCMC Deputy Commissioner