Pimpri Chinchwad Police urges to observe No Honking Day on every Monday 

No Honking Day

Pimpri Chinchwad Police urges to observe No Honking Day on every Monday

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Pimpri Chinchwad Deputy Commissioner of Police Bapu Bangar has introduced a novel approach to address the issue of excessive noise caused by the horns of numerous vehicles on a daily basis. 

A new initiative called No Honking Day will be observed on every Monday.

As part of this endeavor, the traffic police will actively engage with educational institutions, IT industries, and MIDC to raise awareness about the importance of refraining from honking, ensuring that motorists comply with this initiative.

In the fast-paced modern world, individuals are constantly rushing to and from work. However, the presence of heavy traffic often hinders their ability to do so in a timely manner. Consequently, drivers resort to honking their horns in order to create space for their vehicles. This unfortunate practice contributes significantly to noise pollution.

The detrimental effects of this noise pollution are experienced not only by the drivers themselves but also by the residents living in close proximity to the roads. 

It is worth noting that this excessive noise has been linked to various health issues, including ear disorders and mental disorders.