PMC Approves Beautification of Five Lakes in Pune

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Pune : The Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has received official approval to move forward with a strategic environmental and urban beautification initiative known as the PMC Five Lakes Beautification Plan in Pune.

In a recent meeting led by the divisional commissioner, the specifics of this ambitious initiative were discussed. Madhav Jagtap, the head of the PMC environment department, informed that the civic body is developing a comprehensive plan to enhance and beautify five lakes: Jambhulwadi, two lakes at Katraj and Pashan, and an additional lake.

The urgency for such an initiative has been emphasised by recent environmental incidents, such as the distressing sight of numerous dead fish in Jambhulwadi Lake. To address similar hazards, Vikram Kumar, the PMC commissioner, has authorised the installation of sewage treatment plants at the upper parts of each lake covered under the PMC’s Five Lakes Beautification Plan in Pune.

This measure aims to prevent the direct mixing of sewage water with lake water and improve ecosystems. Kumar has also given instructions to officials to control the growth of hyacinth in these lakes. Tenders have been issued for the removal of this invasive aquatic plant, which can harm local flora and fauna by obstructing sunlight and oxygen.

While there were previous plans for lake development, as envisioned by Hemant Rasne, former standing committee chairman, they were not implemented due to the impact of the COVID pandemic on the civic body’s operations.

The PMC is now eager to proceed with its comprehensive action plan, making the most of the current budget and resources available. The project not only aims to beautify the lakes but also focuses on sustainable development and conservation efforts. Through initiatives like these, the PMC aims to improve the quality of life for its citizens while preserving natural resources for future generations.

Madhupriya Dhanwate