Pune : Parvati Area Grapples with Delayed Drainage Work, Testing Residents’ and Commuters’ Patience

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The ongoing drainage pipeline work near Parvati Hill in the Parvati area of Pune has become a source of frustration and inconvenience for residents and motorists alike. The project, which has been in progress for over five months, has led to significant disruptions in daily life.

Sanjeev Vange, a resident of Sahakarnagar 2, expressed his concerns, stating that the work has blocked one side of the road, leaving only one lane open for traffic. This narrow passage poses challenges for large vehicles and has made daily commutes a challenging and risky endeavor.

Abdul Shaikh, an employee at Ali’s Mens Parlour in Parvati, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing the lack of visible progress in the project. He voiced the frustration shared by many, wondering when the work would finally be completed.

Shilpa Danait, another resident of Sahakarnagar 2, highlighted the difficulties faced by the neighborhood due to the ongoing work. The presence of shops, including ration stores, exacerbates the situation, making it problematic even for two-wheeler riders to navigate the area.

Amit Shahane, also a resident of Sahakarnagar 2, lamented the lack of informative signage in the area. He suggested that placing boards with contact information for relevant officials could help residents seek answers about the ongoing work. Additionally, he noted that despite traffic restrictions on the side of Neelayam Bridge, vehicles continue to enter without regard for the rules, further complicating the situation.

The prolonged drainage work near Parvati Hill has clearly taken a toll on the daily lives of residents and commuters in the area. As the project continues, there is a growing need for improved communication and timely completion to alleviate the hardships faced by those living and traveling through this part of Pune.

Shreyas Vange