PMC Garbage Scam : Former Pune MLA Profits Billions from ‘Garbage Contracts’

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By: Pune Pulse

August 19, 2023

Pune: Each day, Pune City grapples with the accumulation of over 115,000 tons of waste, a staggering challenge that demands effective management solutions. 

Approximately 1.50 to 52 thousand tons of waste undergo processing, while the remaining portion finds its way to depots. An annual expenditure of 450 crore rupees is allocated to tackle this waste conundrum. Contracts have been assigned to manage waste, but a recurrent trend emerges – a single contractor repeatedly secures the majority of these projects. 

This raises concerns about the intentions, expenses, and beneficiaries of Pune’s garbage initiatives. How does this contractor consistently clinch projects year after year?Recent revelations have spotlighted the involvement of certain high-ranking officials within the Pune Municipal Corporation. Additionally, the kin of a former MLA, who held office under the BJP banner from 2014 to 2019 but faced electoral defeat in 2019, have also come under scrutiny. 

Questions abound: How were bills generated even when critical biomining activities remained incomplete? Why were funds augmented for specific projects? Which political figures exerted influence in this matter? And how much monetary gain did these relatives accrue from multimillion-rupee ventures? These revelations shed light on a pervasive pattern of exploiting Pune residents under the guise of waste management.

A notable figure in this narrative is the aforementioned former MLA, who has spearheaded projects valued at a staggering 800 crore rupees. The controversy doesn’t stop there: 105 crores were allocated for bio mining – the process of burying waste within depots and overlaying it with soil. Curiously, the civic body has yet to initiate an audit verifying the completion of these tasks. 

Astonishingly, this former MLA is now reengaging with a 150 crore rupee project for similar work. Moreover, their involvement in waste transportation is equally evident. This erstwhile MLA, once known for their political influence, has morphed into a figure associated with power dynamics and lucrative contracts, casting a new light on their identity.

This isn’t the first instance where this former MLA has courted controversy in Pune. Their history is peppered with instances that have drawn the attention of the city’s residents. 

As the layers of this waste management labyrinth continue to unravel, Pune’s populace awaits further clarity on the intricate web of contracts, decisions, and vested interests.

Shreyas Vange