Pune: Rajiv Gandhi Zoo At Katraj Set to Welcome Aquatic Birds

Pune: Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park Thrives Amid Burning Heatwave

Pune: Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park Thrives Amid Burning Heatwave

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Pune’s Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park and Wildlife Research Center in Katraj is gearing up for a transformation as soon, locals will have the opportunity to witness the elegance of flamingos, pelicans, swans, and various species of ducks and herons right within the zoo premises.
This exciting development comes as the zoo administration plans to establish natural habitats and aviaries along the lake to attract these aquatic birds.

According to Rajkumar Jadhav, Director, Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park, “It is a part of our masterplan of the next 20 years which we have to get approved from the Central Authority. Moreover, we are currently working on the new Reptile Section, lion-taled macque exhibit work is also 90% completed. Now the authorities have allowed a total of 25% of exotic species, therefore this year, 150 new species were identified out of which 36 new exotic species will be added to the zoo which includes 14 mammal, 4 reptiles.”

The zoo aims to enhance its appeal by beautifying the area adjacent to the lake. Currently home to peacocks, vultures, and eagles, the zoo envisions a diverse avian population that mirrors the region’s natural beauty.

The proposal, awaiting approval from the Central Zoo Authority, entails the creation of natural habitats and aviaries conducive to aquatic birds’ thriving. This initiative aims to bring a slice of diverse avian life to Pune, sparing enthusiasts the need to travel to other states for bird sightings.

Additionally, plans for a glass wall will allow visitors to marvel at the birds’ beauty up close.
The centerpiece of this endeavor is the ‘aquatic avifauna walk-in-birdhouse,’ spanning over 9317 square meters along the pond’s banks. This structure will house approximately 88 birds from 10 different species, offering visitors an immersive experience with water-nesting avian species.