PMC plans to build parks for pets soon

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Pune: Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is set to introduce pet parks across the city, although the plans are still not concrete, the project might get approval in the forthcoming budget.  The proposed pilot project will be developed on three acres of land in the city for which the locations are being scanned by the civic authorities.  

Dr. Sarika Funde, Head of Veterinary Department at PMC, explained, “The pet parks would be designed for pet dogs, taking inspiration from similar projects in Hyderabad and Mumbai Municipal Corporation. As Pune is becoming a smart city, the department aims to provide convenient facilities for pet owners to take their dogs for a walk and exercise.”

She further said, “The park will be equipped with toys, swimming pool, and an exercise system for dogs. The exact locations of the pet parks have not yet been decided, as it can be challenging to acquire land in the city. However, once the proposal is approved, the department will work with the property acquisition department to acquire land for the pilot project.”

“We are planning to make five such projects initially, as pet owners in residing in one area cannot take their pets to far off places for a walk. These parks will be constructed in different parts of the city to make them available to everyone,” Dr. Funde added.

Funde believes that this pet project will not face opposition from the citizens. A nominal entry fee will be taken from the pet owners which will be used for maintenance of the park.

Mrunal Jadhav