PMC to auction 200 properties of tax defaulters in December

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PMC to auction 200 properties of tax defaulters in December

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Pune : The civic organization intends to auction off the properties of tax defaulters in December. To recoup the tax, the administration will put 202 properties up for auction.

These taxpayers have not paid, even after multiple warnings. The administration has allowed them until December 20th to pay the outstanding balance. If they don’t pay by then, the auction will go ahead. According to PMC administrator Vikram Kumar, it will take place virtually.

Due to defaults, the administration had sealed more than 1,300 properties. Over the course of the following few months, the remaining 1,100 or so will be gradually put under the hammer. This is the last-ditch effort to recover the tax, and the civic body hopes to scoop up almost Rs 60 crore from the auction.

Notifications may also be sent out and the property may be temporarily sealed. In the event that PMC does not receive payment, it seizes the property and modifies the ownership name in the 7/12 extracts to itself.

Following attachment, the property is put up for online auction by the civic administration. In the four days that the action has been underway, the civic administration has launched an initiative to seal forty properties.

However, activists want the government to take action against large defaulters.

For 2023–2024, the PMC has set a target of collecting Rs 2,318.15 crore in property taxes. In addition, as part of property tax, the civic administration anticipates receiving almost Rs 300 crore from the water tax gathered from residential properties, bringing the total anticipated revenue from property tax to Rs 2,618.15 crore.

The only remaining options for the civic administration to generate revenue are property taxes and octroi, which have been abolished.

Shreyas Vange