PMC undertakes demolition drive of illegal structures on NIBM Road and Kausarbaug

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In view of the increasing illegal structures, the Pune Municipal Corporation’s building and construction department undertook a demolition drive on salunke vihar road, NIBM road and Kausarbaug road.

All illegal structures created in the front and side margins have been demolished in the drive.

Dr Neha Rai, Physiotherapist clinic located in Natasha Enclave whose clinic area was demolished. She said, “There was an incident where a branch of the tree had fallen during the monsoon. It could have been life threatening. Hence I had put up a temporary awning structure to save my patients and myself from any such further incident. Today’s action could have been avoided.”

Dr Hina Khan, cosmetic surgeon who runs a clinic at Natasha Enclave, on NIBM road said that the PMC staff demolished all that came their way even when we furnished our documents. It is a total injustice on the medical fraternity. We are here to serve people during their hard times.

When Pune Pulse spoke to the PMC official they informed that the drive will be held on NIBM road, Kausarbaug and Salunke Vihar road. All unauthorized structures will be removed.

The residents of the area had been complaining about several establishments illegally putting up structures causing nuisance to the locals.