Yerawada traffic division takes swift action against wrong side driving in Kalyani Nagar; Residents applaud police efforts

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By: Pune Pulse

September 13, 2023

Pune: In a move showcasing responsible traffic monitoring, Yerawada Traffic Senior Police Inspector Shailesh Sankhe, on September 12 took strict action against motorists driving on the wrong side.

Speaking to Pune Pulse, Sankhe said, “On September 12 evening, me & 4 other traffic officials were monitoring D Mart side & Gold Adlabs Chowk. Several motorists were driving from the wrong side of the road. We have initiated action against 7 such motorists. We are going to continue this effective monitoring frequently. Motorists of any area and place must strictly avoid driving from the wrong side as, by driving from the wrong side, not only motorists break rules, but also risk their lives as well as other motorists’ lives.”

Several Kalyani Nagar residents have appreciated the move & thanked the efforts of Shailesh Sankhe and team.

Sachin Agashe, a resident of Kalyani Nagar said, “Shailesh Sankhe is like a ray of hope in our daily traffic chaos. His actions against footpath parking show that he truly cares about our safety and convenience. It’s a relief to finally see someone taking a stand against this persistent issue.”

Drayson Dixon, a resident of Kalyani Nagar said, “I’ve witnessed Sankhe’s unwavering commitment to combat illegal parking, and it’s making a world of difference. Our sidewalks are meant for pedestrians, not vehicles. Thanks to him, we’re reclaiming our streets one footpath at a time.”

Aaditya Patil, a resident of Kalyani Nagar said, “Sankhe sir’s actions against illegal parkers are a game-changer. It’s remarkable how his efforts are transforming our neighbourhood. Walking on the footpath is no longer a risky adventure, and it’s all thanks to him.”

Munir Vastani, another resident of Kalyani Nagar said, “I’ve got to give credit where it’s due and Shailesh Sankhe deserves every bit of it. His proactive stance on footpath parking is restoring order to our streets. It’s evident that he’s not just doing a job; he’s making a positive impact on our lives.”

Shreyas Vange