Pune : 22 year old law student takes life amid financial dispute with friend

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A 22-year-old law student died of suicide after his friend failed to return the money borrowed from him. As per the police, the student committed suicide by hanging himself in his hostel room. Before committing suicide, the student left a suicide note and held his friend responsible for his death.

As per police, the deceased had helped a friend from his college who was in need of money. The deceased had borrowed money from another friend to help his college friend. However, the friend who had borrowed the money did not return it on time. Deceased repeatedly pleaded with his friend to return the money on time, but the college friend couldn’t return the amount adding to the stress.

Police have identified deceased as Raj Raosasheb Garje, 22 resident of Patsara, Ashti, Beed. He committed suicide in Gokulnagar on Tuesday.

He borrowed Rs. 50,000 from one friend and gave it to his friend Nirupam. However, after a few days, Garje began to demand more money from Nirupam, who did not respond to his requests. The situation caused immense mental distress for Garje, who ultimately took his own life by hanging himself.

Chatuhshringi police are investigating the case, and Assistant Police Inspector Santosh Koli is leading the investigation said that Garje was a student at a well-known college and had a bright future ahead of him. However, the stress broke him down.

The tragic incident has left Garje’s family and community in shock.

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