Pune : Alert farmer saves life of three young ones of wild cat near Sinhagad

Pune Pulse Pune : Alert farmer saves life of three young cubs of wild cat in Nandoshi

Pune : Alert farmer saves life of three young cubs of wild cat in Nandoshi

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PUNE : An incident has come to light wherein, after four to five days, a wild cat was dead. Three young ones of cats, estimated to be between fifteen and twenty days old, were screaming in the vicinity of their mother lying dead.

As per the information provided, a farmer from Nandoshi, who had been hearing the distressing sounds of the young ones of the wild cat for two days, finally saw them.

Yogesh Ghule, the aforementioned farmer, had been tending to his fields in the Ghuledara area of Nandoshi when he first heard the cries of the young ones. Although he initially ignored the noise, he eventually confided in his friend, Pradeep Hagawane, as the cries persisted.

At approximately 7 p.m., Yogesh Ghule and Pradeep Hagwane ventured into the forest and discovered three wild cat young ones in close proximity to their decomposed mother. Recognising that the young ones were in dire need of sustenance, they transported them to the residence of Raju Sanas, a Nandoshi resident who worked at a zoo in Katraj.

Raju Sanas provided the hungry young ones with water and milk, placing them on a warm cloth in a crate. The puppies were able to calm down once their hunger had been satiated. An ambulance from the Wildlife Rescue Team arrived in Nandoshi at approximately 8 p.m., and the young ones were subsequently transported for further treatment.

While talking to Pune Pulse, Pradeep Sapkal, Forest Range Officer, added, ”Starving young ones of wild cats have been rescued safely, and further treatment has been provided.”

Madhupriya Dhanwate